Bookfair 2015: Junior School

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This year we opened the doors of our English classes and invited parents to come and visit us.

Junior 1

JUNIOR 1 worked on the story “THE UGLY DUCKLING” with Miss Dai as part of the “Project on Values” and wrote the big book for the class. On the day of the “Open Class”, Nico´s mum read it aloud to the audience. Then the children showed their favourite book and finally they talked about the values they had been working on.

Junior 2

JUNIOR 2 were very interested in “the Universe and the planets” so they created a story of an alien who travelled to different planets looking for a friend. In the end the alien landed on Earth and visited St. Edward´s College. There he made a lot of friends and met Miss Marti.

Junior 3

JUNIOR 3 and “The Big Question”… following the structure of their English book, they played the game “Preguntados”. Miss Agos made questions according to what the kids got in the wheel and they had to answer the questions. Parents could also participate.

Junior 4

JUNIOR 4 and their “Travelling book”, The kids and Miss Shoi wrote the introduction and the first chapter of a book which will visit all the families and they will have to write a chapter of the book. They also worked on the “values” of Responsibility + Honesty= Happiness taken from the story “The boy who cried wolf”. Mariano, the singing teacher, went around the classes and sang with the children to greet the parents. It was great fun!!

Junior 5 and 6

JUNIOR 5 AND 6 prepared a “Puppets Show” on the story of “THE TIN SOLDIER”. They worked with 1st year of High School. Some of them wrote the script guided by Miss Yani, others prepared the puppets, some narrated the story…. And the final product was a great VIDEO.

KEL EDICIONES brought many books and we all had a great time reading and enjoying all the material.

Let´s see altogether

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